US healthcare, a current opportunity

14 June 2017
Medical 1

This month, US analyst Betsy Lind discusses how we analyse US healthcare shares and explains our thinking on a current opportunity in the industry that is leading the world.

Is gold reclaiming its glitter?

7 June 2017

There are two ways one can look at gold, as a good, and as a unique asset class, and the interaction of these two makes gold a particularly complex, split-personality asset to understand and analyse. 

Meet the Team: Dan Brocklebank Part 2

15 May 2017
Orbis Access Director Dan Brocklebank

Investment management is a people business. And there’s no better way to understand what we do than to hear it straight from the people who live and breathe it. 

Keeping a cool head in Korea

10 May 2017

For as long as the Orbis Funds have invested in South Korean shares, the country has faced risks from its pariah neighbour to the north. 

Hunting for value

24 April 2017

It has been eight years since global equity markets bottomed in March 2009. Since then stock markets have been robust, with the MSCI World Index returning a solid 11% per annum to the end of March.